Winning Your Inner Game



Mid-Career Professionals,

Passed Over for Promotions You Know You’ve Earned

Is Your Sense of Self-Worth

Lower than Trump’s Approval Rating?

1:1 Custom Package

“Want the Promotion?”

FIRST, You Must Win Your Inner Game

This is an eight-module, highly-interactive, custom, one-to-one, FaceTime- or Skype-based program.

It is for promotion-seekers who need to revitalize their self-esteem and self-confidence so they can compete successfully for promotions that have gone to others – promotions they know they have earned.

This is a proprietary system that I will tailor to your unique requirements. We will use my book, How to Win Your INNER GAME! Update Your Attitude before You ‘Update Your Résumé.

Benefits to You


1. Your self-confidence and self-esteem — your INNER GAME — will again be rock-solid. You’ll meet a whole NEW YOU when we are done.

2. When you identify your relevant professional accomplishments and the skills you used to achieve them, you’ll begin to realizr and give yourself credit for all the great thing you’ve accomplished.

3. You’ll replace self-defeating, negative “Self-Talk” with positive, empowering “Self-Talk”

4. You’ll start learning to “Tastefully Boast”

5. With your new, rock-solid INNER GAME, you’ll have the self-confidence to present yourself as a TOP CANDIDATE with your CUSTOM Résumé and TARGETED Cover Letter.


1. Once you’ve gotten into the habit of recognizing and documentibg your relevant professional accomplishments and the skills you used to achieve them, you’ll no longer have to “settle” for whatever you can get, because  . . .

2. . . . You’ll have the facts to make yourself a TOP CANDIDATE, and win interviews whenever you want them, from now until you retire

3. You’ll begin to see a range of opportunities open to you — not just the immediate promotion you seek, but other situations where your unique skills and accomplishmentns would be values

4. If you have a “Victim” attitude, you’ll dissolve it, and replace it withthe realization of how truly “Competent” you are

5. You’ll begin creating two ever-growing Data Banks (Representative Professional Accomplishments, and Special Skills and Abilities) that will provide material for custom résumés from now until you retire.

6. We will create an INNER GAME Job Plan for Your Future – a strategic blueprint you can use to keep your INNER GAME strong and focused throughout your career


Module 1. Laying the Emotional Foundation to be a TOP CANDIDATE.

Module 2. What’s Your Story? “Victim” or “Response-Able”?

Module 3. Your “Self-Talk”

Module 4. Cure for Being “Victim”: The Accomplishments of Which You Are Most Proud

Module 5. “Be the MEATBALL -Don’tblendinlikespaghetti”

Module 6. What Are Five of Your Top Work Accomplishments of Which You Are Most Proud?

 *  Module 7A. Analyze Your Accomplishment Essays.

 * Module 7B. FIlling Your Accomplishments and Skills Data Bank

Module 8. Your TOP CANDIDATE, INNER GAME Game Plan for the Future


One-to-One Live-Stream VIP Bonus Session. Lifetime Career Plan Half-Day to strategize possible moves to make yourself a TOP CANDIDATE – for the rest of your career. Value: $1,779

  • Prior to our 1:1 custom brainstorming Half-Day, I will give you an interactive experience with my signature presentation, “How to Avoid the 3 Huge Mistakes Mid-Career Professionals Make that Keep Them Invisible, Irrelevant and Passed Over for Promotions.” Value: $1,197

Responsive phone/email access to me for 2 months after the program. Value: $1,000


If you think my “Want the Promotion? First ,You Must Win Your INNER GAME™ Package could increase your self-confidence to present yourself as a TOP CANDIDATE for your next opportunity, the first step to a conversation is to click this link and complete a short intake questionnaire. I promise to review it and get back to you within 24 hours.

Please Note: YOU DO NOT NEED THIS PACKAGE if your INNER GAME – your self-esteem, personal resiliency and job search self-confidence – is still strong even after having been passed over for promotions you know you’ve earned.

If so, you are READY TO LEARN to win interviews as a TOP CANDIDATE each time you apply, for the rest of your career. Please check out my other two CUSTOM Premium Packages: STAND OUT LIKE THE MEATBALL, and Rock-Solid TOP CANDIDATE Custom Interview Practice