Success Stories

Meet Divisional Director of Engineering for a high tech company GREG PEASE.

“My final interview was with the CEO of the company. He said that I was at the top of his list to have interviewed for one reason: “I had to meet the engineer who thinks like this. This resume (really, my Professional Profile) demonstrates that you are not a typical engineer, but an engineer who will be disruptive. I need that in my company.” … He chose to speak with me because of my profile! A week later I received a letter with an offer –for an opportunity to work with a company that fit me!”

Greg Pease, Director of Engineering.

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Meet Project Manager E.C.

“”Don’s methodology changed the way I viewed not just my career, but myself. His methodology gives you not just a focused, relevant resume, it helps you understand your contributions and value. The net effect: you engage in your job search from a strength-based position of knowing your value and that makes you more effective in negotiating for the work you will love and find value in.”

E.C, Project Manager.

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 Meet Organization Development Professional JONSCOTT WILLIAMS.

“There is no one I have ever met that brings as much of himself, his humanness and his humanity, to his work as Don Burrows. This is neither conjecture nor hyperbole … this is a personally experienced fact. Don is the kind of person you want to work with, to learn from, to know … for selfish reasons, because you know in doing so you will get so much more than you could ever give.”

–– JonScott Williams.  Organizational Generalist / OD Consultant.

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After getting laid off, JonScott used his new credentials to transition from a Corporate Organization Development position to a University position teaching OD

 Meet Training Video and E-Learning Specialist SCOTT BELL.

“A while ago, I learned Don’s DIY résume-writing system to win interviews as a TOP CANDIDATE each time you apply. The résumé you see here won me an interview with XMX. The process lasted over four months and included these steps: 1) phone screen with HR; 2) interview with staff member; 3) phone screen with new director; 4) flown in for back-to-back in-person interviews in San Jose with future teammate, Director, and another teammate. All that was prelude to the final step, the key to getting hired or not, an INTERNATIONAL WEBCAM PANEL INTERVIEW AND PRESENTATION with a teammate, web instructor and a systems engineer. ~~~ I assembled my presentation and asked Don for some practice sessions. Due to life and nature (power outages, plumbing issues), one session with Don was the ONLY “live” practice I got, and I completely rocked the presentation. ~~~ Don immediately had constructive feedback that I quickly took notes on and then practiced. He gave me very helpful feedback on the presentation itself, and I made revisions. The comfort level that I felt going into this panel interview – thanks to Don’s coaching – well, I was perfectly at-ease. I took my time speaking. I paused at key points so they could absorb what I had just said. I encouraged questions and provided focused answers. ~~~ It could not have gone better, and that is thanks to Don’s coaching – – – Which I have found invaluable and which has earned me a great job twice now. Work with Don. I’m telling you. Don’t hesitate. Work with Don.”–– Scott Bell. Training Video and E-Learning Specialist at Magento

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“After 13 years of service in the US Navy, I finished my career as a Quality Assurance Supervisor, responsible for certifying flight readiness of six Hornet jet fighters, each worth about $52 million. Prior to getting out, I went through the TAPS program, and following their generic guidelines, I created a generic resume that looked just like everyone else’s generic resume. I posted it on all the job boards I could find, and because I looked like everyone else, recruiters had no reason to call me and I was ignored for over a year. On a Linked-In veterans’ site, I saw Don’s post about creating custom resumes that made you out stand out like a MEATBALL, and stopblendinginlikejustanotherpieceofspaghetti. I reached out to him. We talked. I bought and read his book, HOW TO WIN YOUR “INNER GAME!” UPDATE YOUR ATTITUDE BEFORE YOU ‘UPDATE YOUR RESUME,’ learned a lot about myself, and regained my job search self-confidence. He coached me through his process and I created credentials that won me interviews and a new high-five-figure job. When we started working together in late October, 2017 I told him my goal was to have a job by Christmas, a huge goal after having been ignored for months. I signed my offer letter on Christmas Eve and start my new job January 8th, 2018. Protect your career. Work with Don.”

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Meet MBA graduate of IPADE in Mexico City, now branding/marketing specialist and Panama-based Corporate Marketing Director for a travel company ALEJANDRO RODRIGUES DEL PEON

“AN EYE-OPENER BOOK: To be honest, this book changed my life. Think of the job market as trying to pick a movie on Netflix. Now think of your résumé as the last movie on the list. Donald Burrows’ method helped me organize my thoughts, recover my self-esteem and get on my feet again, turning my résumé into the top-of-the-list movie for me to get interviews. Easy to read, fun, and a mindset-breaker. I strongly recommend it.”

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Meet MBA graduate of IPADE in México City and Account Manager FLORENTINO RUEDA

“GREAT METHODOLOGY: This methodology really helped me focus on my strengths and skills, as well as realize what I bring to the world of work.”

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Meet Senior Sales Manager of a capital city’s largest newspaper JENNIFER HAGA.

Don Burrows has put a spin on the traditional resume which, unlike so many others out there, actually works!  I’ve been with my current employer since 2007 and recall during my interview my “new” boss telling me that my resume format which included Don’s addendum provided great insight into what I could bring to her team. I’m happy I invested my time, in me! Jennifer B. Haga. Manager, Business Development. Raleigh, NC

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Meet Manager & Customer Voice for RACHEL BRAYNIN.

Don’s Professional Profile process will not only provide you with a resume that will ring your phone, it will prepare you for the follow-up interviews.  You’ll be on the path to your next adventure, the one YOU want, by your targeted profile that fits the job you want the most.  Don’s approach and style are easy to work with and he will push to bring the best of you out for the hiring managers to see.  You have accomplished more than you know.  By following the steps of the Professional Profile, you will be amazed at the impact you’ve had on your employers, and yourself.  The Professional Profile helped me understand my true strengths and what I can do to improve a company’s bottom line, and my own. – Rachel Braynin, CERTIFIED PROJECT MANAGER, Raleigh, NC

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Meet Business Development / Entrepreneur BRENT WARD.

“Convention is to put as much as possible in a resume and follow the boilerplate herd. Courageous approaches focus on simplifying a resume to only those items that are important. Don’s wisdom is to consider the things that may not yet even be on the page! And that has made all the difference. —- Brent Ward. Business Development. Raleigh, NC

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Do you know for a fact that you are anything but ordinary, but you are unable to break free from the pack in the job hunt? I have felt that way for a long time; unfortunately, my resume has always looked exactly like everyone else’s – 8.5×11 with a reverse chronological listing of dates, duties, and job descriptions.

Don’s material shows you how to stand out and present your transferable skills and actual accomplishments of which you are most proud. I attended a veterans job fair in Houston last week, and many of the recruiters read every word of my 5 page professional profile (burn your traditional resumes). You will encounter people who think the new format is too long, but maybe that is because they conform to the standard HR attitude of laziness and brevity that is so prevalent today. That is also the same attitude that has been costing you your job interviews.

In addition to drawing legitimate interest, you will also understand yourself so much better than before. You will know exactly what it is you want to do, and you will be able to clearly state your goals, objectives, and best skills. Don tells it like it is. He will give the most blunt feedback and will also let you know how bad you’ve been doing everything before. In today’s politically correct world, that is a very refreshing thing to find. I am thankful for Don’s unique way of presenting myself like never before. – Seth Keshel

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Don Burrows has a unique perspective on job hunting: stop sending out boilerplate resumes and cover letters and create highly detailed, personalized messages to perspective employers. Don is excellent at creating impressive CVs — the best I’ve seen in the business — and winning cover letters. He knows how to present you as a top candidate and helps you BE that top candidate. He knows how to get you in the door, and works your brain and heart so you are prepared to nail the interview. Read Don’s book, “How to Win Your ‘Inner Game’!” I recommend Don Burrows highly and without reservation.
– Maryse Gartner

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