Mid-Career Professionals

Passed Over for Promotions You Know You’ve Earned: 

Are You Serious About Transforming Your Career?


1:1 Custom Combo Package

“I Need All Three”



  • Decision-makers are passing you over for promotions you know you’ve earned,
  • Your career has hit a wall,
  • Your job search self-confidence is weak,
  • Your résumé is generic, outdated, and makes it easy for decision-makers to ignore you,
  • Your interviewing skills are rusty,
  • You think it’s time to move on but you’re uncertain about the job market . . . then my


“I Need All Three” 

Top Candidate for Promotion

Premium Package

Is Your Best Deal to Get Your Career Going Again

Decision-makers interview TOP CANDIDATES, those energetic, self-confident applicants who have presented themselves as IDEAL CANDIDATES for the promotion or job they seek. And conversely, they ignore those generic applicants who don’t.

PACKAGE ONE: First, You Must Win Your “INNER GAME”

It takes courage — rock-solid JOB SEARCH SELF-CONFIDENCE — a strong “INNER GAME” — to stop FOLLOWING THE “BOILERPLATE HERD,” stop using the same old generic résumé, and STAND OUT by creating and submitting custom résumés and cover letters targeted to the specific requirements of the promotion you seek.

The CUSTOM “INNER GAME” Package will give you JOB SEARCH SELF-CONFIDENCE to be an Ideal Candidate each time you apply.


In this Custom Package, you’ll identify your Representative Professional Accomplishments and the Special Skills and Abilities you used to achieve them.

First we will create Data Banks of your most significant Representative Professional Accomplishments and the Special Skills and Abilities you used to achieve them.

Then, using the specific requirements of the promotion you seek, together we will create a custom résumé and targeted cover letter that will make you Stand Out, Like a Meatball on a plate of generic spaghetti.

And when you think through and get clear on what you actually did to achieve your accomplishments, you’ll reinforce your “INNER GAME” and be better prepared to handle intimidating Behavioral and Situational Interviews with calm competency.

My promise: You will win the interviews you seek.

PACKAGE THREE: Interview Practice

It all comes down to this: If your résumé and cover letter make decision-makers think you are a TOP CANDIDATE and want to interview you, you don’t want to change their minds by giving a horrible interview.

For 18 years, I was an in-house recruiter and hiring manager with Fortune 500 companies. I’ll put that interviewing experience to work for you, and by the time we’re done with two rounds of practice and feedback, your interview self-confidence will be rock-solid.

And of course, if we need a third round, we will take it. No charge.

My goals are for you to feel rock-solid confidence as you ace the interviews.

My clients often tell me that actual interviews were a walk-in-the-park.


If you’re an employed, high 5-figure, mid-career professional passed over for promotions you know you’ve earned and you’re interested in my “I Need All Three” Top Candidate for Promotion Premium Package, here’s the process for us to connect:

I now use a brief intake questionnaire to help us both decide if there’s a serious reason for us to connect via Skype or FaceTime. Please complete this intake questionnaire, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours of reading your reply. 

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Don Burrows