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A Father-Son Rite-of-Passage

It rained last night. Inside this soggy little tent in my backyard something special happened. There was a father-son rite of passage, a milestone transition from childhood to boyhood. Greg, and his family came to visit his mother and me, and yesterday their older...

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About Don Burrows

For over 30 years, Don has helped job- and promotion-seekers, ignored by recruiters for work they've proven they can do, create custom résumés and targeted cover letters that won them interviews as Ideal Candidates. Today, he focuses on employed, high-five-figure, mid-career professionals passed over for promotions they know they've earned. Using his TOP CANDIDATE FOR PROMOTION™ system, he helps them win interviews as TOP CANDIDATES - whenever they want them - from now until they retire. He can be reached at LifetimeCareerPlan.com